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To have a client who is a large corporation has an amount of prestige attached to it and perhaps that is why so many web design companies aim for that market as soon as they can. It of course has its downside, such as slower decision making time, committees and long credit periods to name a few but this is often out-weighed by the prestige and larger revenues.

So, it is any wonder that prior to the arrival of Azuba Web to the Portsmouth area most small businesses received 'Small Business Service'. By that I mean not at the level of service that a large organisation would expect. For example, the site may be created using a template perhaps with something like Joomla or Wordpress to manage the 'mechanics' of the site. Which from the designers point of view, it is a quick easy project where the small businesses client gets off the shelf work that is not tailored in any meaningful way to their needs. So, quite simply, if you are small you are being given a very small business service with one or all of the following: low quality workmanship, low tech input and often low or non-existent after-sales service. We at Azuba Web do not agree with this and so provide a service which is large business quality - small business prices.

So, let's give you an example. Azuba Web uses Zend Framework to create very robust sites for our clients that also allow their websites to grow easily as and when required. Most developers in the Portsmouth area can't offer this service due to technical limitations. Yet, IBM, one of the pioneers in computing uses this for its own site along with many large companies and household names. As such, you can be reassured that the site Azuba Web designs for your business is built using big business standards.

We know from our experience and talking to clients, that many designers do not and could not provide the same level of quality to their clients that we do. So, when considering a web designer in the Portsmouth area a real specialist in in Small Business Web Design is Azuba Web. So why not contact Azuba Web who are the small business specialists

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Small Business Websites

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