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From our base in Waterlooville near Portsmouth Hampshire, Azuba Web offers a range of web design and development services for small to medium-sized business (SME's) ranging from quality web design to other services such as a business consultancy that helps your site work for your business. For more details click on the titles or contact us.

Azuba Web designs unique sites for our clients each and every time. They are tailor made according to our clients requirements. We don't use templates or 'off-the-shelf' designs which are often of poor quality and will be used by others.

So, an Azuba Web designed site will be unique to you. Also, each site is designed to w3c web standards (World Wide Web Consortium - the quality standards body for the internet) which means that your site will be made to the highest quality standards.

We design using industry standard tools and technologies which will give our Small Business Clients - Big Business Quality but without the cost associated with large scale projects.

A Content Management System allows you to change the text and images on your site with a click of the mouse. Our systems are always highly intuitive and so even if you are the most basic of internet user you will be able to change your site simply, quickly and without the fuss of contacting the site designer.
Websites, like most things, have life span. It may be dictated by changes in the company who owns the site, technology changes or simply changes in fashion and taste. As such, wise to reconsider your web presence to determine whether it is still fulfilling its obejectives. Also, if you consider the content of your site like a book it can help.

In other words, how many times would you read your favourite book once, twice maybe three times but then you may not return to it. Website visitors can be the same. So a revamp and relaunch can help you boost the effectiveness of your site and therefore its return. Far too many SMEs have a website created and then leave it out there indefinitely and so it will decline in value. You can avoid this by a re-design.

Every website needs hosting and a domain name (a www dot). We can register your domain and set up your hosting on our servers.
As we have business graduate knowledge coupled with years of working with small businesses, we can help your company get the most out of your new website with common sense advice that is given in plain english. This is a valuable service for any small business.
Zend is an outstanding php object oriented framework used by companies such as Bwin, IBM and Panasonic amongst many others. It allows sites to be built with extremely robust libraries which means your site will function extremely well and will be able to grow with your business. Azuba Web is one of the few developers locally able to offer this outstanding service.
We all know the internet is global so why just limit your clients to your own area, country or even language. Your site could quite easily be promoting your business, its' services and products to potential clients across the world. As such we can offer translation English/Spanish (via ¡More Than Hola!), .

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